What is it for ?

The Lindy Lobster’s market is a place to show the clothes, accessories and records you dont want to keep anymore. It’s always good to give those items a second chance, they might do someone else’s day, and heal a little your wounded wallet. If you manage to find someone interested, you take the lead from there!

What it is not for?

We are not a Amazon, we are not Vinted, we just try to give more ways for the community to help each other. Therefore we will not take any reponsability regarding problems of any sorts in relation to the market: We hope for the community to be mature enough to make those things happen smoothly, and if it wasn’t the case, we will simply remove the market from the website!


To avoid problems, be on the look out for suspicious behaviour, have good conversation with the seller/buyer, flaws will shortly show if it isn’t genuine. An important one is to try and favor hand to hand transaction, and finally don’t hesitate to ask around you for opinion!


Now if you want to see what’s on offer, head to the market place, and if you are interested in selling, right this way!