Uptown Swing – Intermediate Level Lindy

Uptown Swing - Intermediate Level Lindy

Tuesday 3 December 2019
19 h 30 min - 21 h 30 min

Uptown Swing

More information:

Join us this Autumn every Tuesday in Dalston for Lindy Hop classes that focus on technique, connection and joy.

Autumn Term 2019 (24th Sept – 10th Dec)
Intermediate A: 7:30 – 8:30pm
Intermediate B: 8:30 – 9:30pm
Prepaid, 12 week course: 1 class = £100 / both classes = £150

Tuesdays @ St Barnabas Church Hall, Shacklewell Row, Dalston, London E8 2EA.

Not Sure?
If you’d like to take the first class as a taster – “try before you buy” – or have any questions please email edward.watson8@gmail.com

The Course
We teach a 12 week pre-paid term which is split into two 6 week modules. The level of both classes will be the same this term but will cover different material so, theoretically, students could take just one lesson. The real idea behind this is to give you the opportunity to get two hours of training to really take your dancing to the next level. In addition to that, working with a group over a longer period of time means we get to tailor our lessons to the group, the class find a greater sense of cohesion which improves learning and our lessons can cover more content because there is less repetition. Plus, it gives you great value for money (from £6.25 per hour)!

The Level
To get the most out of these lessons you should have a solid grasp of the core figures (Tuck Turn, Change Places, Texas Tommy, Lindy Circle, Swing-out and Basic Lindy Charleston) and a good knowledge of the repertoire covered in Improvers classes, including; Send-out, Basket, Catapult, Tandem and Hand-to-Hand Charleston, and some variations on key moves such as Swing-Outs. You will also have an appreciation of lead and follow connection, tension and frame, and your footwork should be second nature. You occasionally social dance and have probably started thinking a little more about your relationship to swing music.

Intermediate Class A – In the first 6 weeks of this term, we’ll look at figures and techniques where dancers change their footwork and move into opposite steps. Using open-connection to create moments of playful “away” and “together” in the dance. Perfect for leading into breaks in the music. In the second 6 weeks of term we’ll then move into some work around out Tandem Charleston. Developing our technique and vocabulary so this iconic move can be used at even the highest tempos.

Intermediate Class B – In the first 6 weeks of this term, we’ll look at the different techniques to create linear and rotational movements in our dancing. Basket variations, free-turns and prep turns. Ensuring that your leading and following is precise to create flowing shapes. In the second 6 weeks of term we’ll then move into ways of incorporating Jazz steps into your Lindy Hop.

If you’re wondering which course is right for you or want to avoid booking fees then please please get in touch – edward.watson8@gmail.com

Class A, Class B, or Both?
We’re hoping the majority of our students choose to take both classes but understand that time and money won’t always allow that. Although each class can be taken individually we think they work best when done together.

How To Book
To avoid additional fees for you, we will continue with our DIY booking system. Just email edward.watson8@gmail.com to express your interest in joining the course. You will then receive payment instructions and once you have then paid your place will be guaranteed.

Course fee: £100 per class / £150 for two classes for 12 weeks of classes.

If you are unsure whether these levels are right for you, just contact the lovely Ed on 07876 024356 / edward.watson8@gmail.com