Swing Patrol College

Swing Patrol College

Monday 31 August 2020
10 h 30 min - 16 h 00 min

Swing Patrol London

More information:

Swing Patrol College is for the passionate dancer who is motivated and excited about pushing their dancing to the next level – at a much quicker pace than weekly classes and the occasional weekender. In the space of just one week, you will be immersed in your dancing and your journey.

These week-long “Swing Patrol College” courses will vary in approach and will be offered for now in London and Melbourne. A range of courses and levels are being planned that focus on your swing outs, your solo dancing, competition and show, Balboa, Shag and even an immersive week of aerials. For now though the first course this October will be aimed at Lindy Hoppers looking to take that next step.

Check out more details on our website: http://www.swingpatrolcollege.com