Fine City Swing Tea Dance & AGM!

Fine City Swing Tea Dance & AGM!

Sunday 10 November 2019
14 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

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Yes, we’re back! It’s the first tea dance after our summer beak, but there’s a twist to this one…

From 2pm-3pm, we will start by hosting our AGM – and for any FCS members attending this, the following tea dance will be FREE OF CHARGE!

From 3pm-6pm, we’ll be hosting one of our patented cosy tea dances (involving cake) on the lovely wooden dancefloor. It’s £6 entry if you arrive from 3pm onwards.

If you have attended any one of our events this year and paid the ticket/entry fee, you are a member of Fine City Swing. This means at the AGM you have a say in how things are run, the future of FCS, and a vote when it comes to electing committee members. What’s more, you are eligible to join our friendly committee, helping to shape our future events and bring your ideas to life.

So after the AGM, it’s dance time! All standards of dancers are welcome, so if you’re just starting out on your swing journey, please do come along. We’d love to see you!

There’ll be tea and cake (obviously) and the music will be provided by our wonderful Fine City Swing DJs.

For non-AGM attendees, entry is £6 on the door which includes all the tea and cake you can consume. This is an unlicensed venue so if you’d like anything stronger to drink, please visit one of the many surrounding pubs in the area before and after the dance, but no alcohol can be brought to the event itself. Just put lots of sugar in your tea instead!

If you’re an avid baker, please feel free to bring a cake or too along. Parking is available in Chapelfield shopping centre or in the Chantry car park.

Keep on swingin’, dancers….

Ellen, Rob, Hannah, Helen & Barry
Your Fine City Swing team