Submit a facebook event

Only one rule: all event must include Swing dancing (Blues, Lindy-hop, Charleston, Shag; Balboa..)!

BEWARE: You’ve choosed “Via Facebook”. It may take a couple of days for us to review your event. If you don’t like to wait: consider creating an account and adding your events through Lindy Lobster. Events will be added instantly and you will be able to edit and delete them through Main menu > My Profile > My events

Send us a facebook event link using the form below. if all is in order, we will add the event to our website!

Make sur your event is public and has no age restictions (for some reasons..)

6 Comments on “Add your own event”

    1. Hey! Sure thing ( I can also talk french if you prefer!)
      The easiest way is to send us the facebook event link through the form in “add your event” (menu on the left hand side), you can then submit it and we’ll approuve if the event seems legit!

      If you don’t want to use facebook, let me know and I’ll allow you into a different section to manually add the information about your event.

      If you add events regularly, we will set a direct way for you to add event, without us double checking every time!
      Waiting for your reply!

      Have a nice day,
      the Lindy Lobster

    1. Hi! we would be very happy if you do, don’t worry all is free here 🙂
      If you want to add regularly, i suggest you add your event via lindylobster
      and not facebook so they are added straight onto the website without us checking!
      You also get to edit your event later or delete them if needed 😉

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