The is a free and participative Swing agenda. It covers Blues, Lindy-hop, Charleston, Shag, Balboa and WCS events in Europe. Once registered, everyone can add their own events: but remember to read the rules of the about page!
We also have a forum now, feel free to use it to discuss swing related matter, or to present your latest project to the community!


Is posting events free ?

Everything is free. The functioning and hosting cost of the website total to about 40€ per year, which the Lindy Lobster is happy to pay for.

How do you post events ?

To be able to post events, you first need to create an account, then head to “My events” under “My profile” on the left hand side menu, then click “add new“. Remember all events need to include swing dancing – otherwise they might be removed and you might lose your account.

How to add an image to my event ?

When you are creating your event, or when you go edit it in “my events”, below the detail text box is an “event image” section. Click on the “choose a file/choisir un fichier” button a pick an image from your computer. Images should be of good enough quality and shouldn’t be larger than 2 mb and 3000px by 3000px!

What is the Lobsters forum about ?

Many people have come to me to ask if they could use the website as a platform to get exposure for their project. I thought a good way to do it was to create this system where people can write about their thing! Might they be dancers, musicians, teachers, even photographs. If the work is good and the article well written, it will eventually connect! If you want to write something, just register your account and head to Write a post, under Lobsters community in the left hand side menu. Write correctly, make it interesting, add pictures, videos, links to your project, and let the community magic happen!

How many views does the website get?

It oscillate between 150 and 500 a day since the website was created, around mid-June 2019

What is the motivation for creating this website, since it’s not making any money ?

It’s fun! I’m a bit nerdy and I like to work on hands-on project. Since I started dancing about a year ago, I felt like a website like this was already out there. But looking at was already made, I thought there was room for improvement. I’ve made websites for fun, using html and css, this was the occasion to learn JS and PhP!

I think it’s a great project and I would like to help, how could I ?

Talk about the Lindy Lobster around you! The most important part is to get events added, so if you know any party organisers, tell them to register and add their events! Most local scene already have a website, a facebook group or similar that get’s the word out, but for the one that are not familiar with it (E.g. Tourist, new comers, etc..): The lindy Lobster is the way!

Sincerely, the Lindy Lobster